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Haryali London - Wood Oil

Haryali London - Wood Oil

Wood Oil

We are proud to introduce our new and enhanced formulated Wood oil for maintenance of all your wooden shaving and grooming essentials. You can use it on your wooden shaving brushes, wooden shaving razors, wooden shaving stands and wooden shaving bowls. It works miracles, providing extensive protection to wooden items from all liquid interactions including water. It also ensures a durable and long lasting finish.

Wood Oil A time tested and proven blend of natural oils and resins, it penetrates deep into all interior and exterior wood and dries to provide a hard, durable, but highly attractive gleam finish. Wood oil and brush

User Instructions

Always apply the Haryali London Wood Oil to your wooden product immediately after your recent use. Ensure the product is thoroughly clean and dry. You will need a clean rag or a lint free cloth, Haryali London Wood Oil (available for purchase in our store) and your wooden item. Use plenty of oil generously and rub onto the wooden item. Ensure you are massaging it properly into the product, covering as much of the area as possible. Wipe off gently any remaining excess oil. The rag or the lint free cloth used for oiling should be disposed off safely as a household waste, straight after use.

Wood Oil User Instrcutions

It is highly beneficial for the  wooden      products to receive regular oiling    treatments, with suitable intervals. The    frequency of oiling treatments should  be assessed according to the products’  usability (how often it is used and for what   purpose).

 The Haryali London Wood Oil is white   mineral treatment oil. No chemicals or   preservatives have been added to the oil. It   does not emit a strong fragrance.

Haryali London’s aim has been customer satisfaction since the start of this fulfilling venture. If our customers aren’t happy and satisfied then so aren’t we! Buy with confidence and enjoy a complete shaving experience with Haryali London!

Want to pair our wood oil with any of our complementing wooden shaving essentials? Browse and explore today!


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