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A Step by Step Guide to perfect wet shaving

According to the studies, an average man spends approximately 2900 hours of his life shaving beard. 2900 hours are equivalent to almost four months. People around the world follow many procedures to shave their beard but the common and the most famous method is Wet Shaving.

What is Wet Shaving?

Wet shaving, as the name proposes begins with setting up your face for a shave by utilizing heated water. This conventional shaving experience gets a sharp razor in close contact with your skin to trim the hair with a stroke of the edge.

A wet shaving set would for the most part incorporate shaving soap to lather your face and either a solitary bladed or multi-edge cartridge razor.

What is a wet shaving?

A wet shaving kit normally include shaving soap to lather face skin, a shaving brush and a razor. Shaving razors can be of many types. Cutthroat razor, double edged razor, 3 edge and 5 edge shaving razors are some common types.

Benefits of Wet Shaving:

A classic wet shave will give you the best shave possible, for a much smoother and cleaner feel. Wet shaving helps reduce the uncomfortable effects of shaving like rashes and redness, such as ingrown hairs. Though most of the men think they have sensitive skin, because of suffering from razor burn and other side effects when shaving, in fact, it’s likely just down to the type of razor and products they’re using. Most of the side effects from shaving happen because of not having the proper Shaving Kits and lesser knowledge of wet shaving techniques. Knowing the proper technique of wet shaving and having the best traditional wet shaving set can help save the time to do a wet shave and can be much smoother on the skin and reduce any aftereffects.

Benefits of Traditional Wet shaving

Wet shaving can be a lot cheaper than using disposable or electric razors. Although a traditional wet shaving safety razor, shaving soap and shaving brush requires a small investment initially, cartridge blades are much economical for safety razors and shaving soaps have more life than shaving foam or gel.

On another aspect, traditional wet shaving has some other benefits. For instance, the elegant look of traditional shaving set will always look aesthetic on the side of your sink.

Above all, most of the men who have converted their modern razors with a traditional approach have found that the whole process becomes less of a hassle and more of a happiness: shaving with quality products gives a more luxurious feel will not only get better results but warrant a more enjoyable process.

In a result to that you will get a far better shave with a minimum risk of skin irritation and your shaving become far more enjoyable overall than simply your morning hassle.

How to wet shave

Learning about how to wet shave your beard is an art that can be sharpened. We're demonstrating how to wet shave your face like an expert by following simple guide about wet shaving:

Pre-shave practice

Doing a pre-shave routine is the most important step to achieve the most comfortable wet shave. A pre-shave application will open your facial pores and make the facial hair softer. Here's what you need to do:

Clean your face

The perfect time to wet shave is right after you come out of the shower because your skill will be clean and warm. Otherwise, clean your face with warm water gently. Showering warm water will open your face pores and clean grease from your skin.

Apply Shaving soap & rinse your shaving brush

Using a shaving soap is recommended because it does not contain any alcoholic elements as shaving foams and gels have. Apply a thick coating of shaving soap on your face gently.

After you are done applying shaving soap to your face, rinse your shaving brush in a warm water cup for a few seconds. Start to rub this wet shaving brush on your face once you are done wetting it.

The shaving Process

Get your razor Ready:

It’s not just your face that obligates you to be clean and warm – your shaving razor is supposed to be clean too. Warm it for 15-20 seconds under hot water, which will help it float smoothly against the skin while you shave.

Shave with following the hair flow

Making sure you glide your shaving razor with the hair flow, not against it, is one of the essential steps towards the perfect wet shave. Make short razor glides by following the direction of your hair growth. Going with the hair growth direction will end up in a smooth and comfy shave with no rashes on your face.

Go with soft hands

Men sometimes apply too much pressure on shaving razors or skin that cause redness, rashes, and cuts. Traditional Shaving Razors work most efficiently when they are cut across a flat surface. Razors getting deep into the skin causes redness and irritation. Let the razor does the work softly!

After Shave Care

You have done a good job with razors and your facial skin is now smooth. But there are a few more steps to follow to make sure you don't get any rash after shaving.

Your skin becomes sensitive after shaving. Dry out your face by tapping a soft dry towel on your face firmly. Washing your face with cold water will help your open pores to be closed again.

Apply aftershave balm

An aftershave balm or cream is far better for the skin than aftershave sprays, which can cause stinging and irritation. Using a balm will soothe and help to rehydrate your skin. Rub it in gently using a circular motion, and don’t use too much.

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