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Black Badger Brush VS White Badger Brush

Black Badger Brush VS White Badger Brush

Black Badger Brush VS White Badger Brush

At Haryali London we understand that shaving brushes form a vital part of an amazing wet shave. Hence, choosing the best shaving brush to suit your needs is very important for all our lovely customers. Although, there is a vast variety of shaving brushes, the two that are most popular amongst our customers are black badger shaving brushes and white badger shaving brushes. While most know the distinct differences between the two beauties, there might be some people who would want to know what makes them stand out from each other and this blog will enlighten you with just that information!

Black Badger Badger shaving brushes are the most popular   in the UK market currently. They are retrieved   from the neck, shoulder, belly and the hips of   the badger and are manufactured of these   hairs which cover about 50%-60% of the   badger’s body. These retrieved hairs varies   mainly in softness and colour and that is the   cause of the main difference between a   black badger shaving brush and a white   badger shaving brush. Most hair are   predominantly dark and stiff which forms into   black badger shaving brushes whereas some   hair can fluctuate towards a light/white tone   and are a bit softer and these form white badger shaving brushes. In general, badger   brushes are still coarser than other types of   shaving brushes.

White Badger

                While the colour is the most prominent difference between the two shaving brushes that catches the eye, there is some difference of the quality and usability. In general most features are the same because the hair derives from the same source. Both of these brushes have a large water absorption feature, providing an excellent lather. They both provide an amazing wet shave hence most wet shavers prefer badger shaving brushes over silvertip or synthetic shaving brushes. They help massage and scrub the skin and stimulate the beard hair follicles. Highly recommended, these badger brushes help to achieve the most amazing closest shave one could desire! 



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