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Right Handed 6 inch Hairdressing Scissors Set

Right Handed 6 inch Hairdressing Scissors Set

Haryali London specialises in a range of hairdressing scissors. We pride ourselves in cutting edge barbering and thinning scissors and the innovation that goes in every size and design we deliver.

Right Handed 6.0 inch Hairdressing Barber Scissors Set

This beautiful hairdressing scissor set is one of Haryali London’s best selling products. We have invested a great deal of resources and market research to come up with a product, which ticks all the boxes for our customers.
The silver colour is very appealing and the slick design is the unique selling point for this luxurious item. The golden adjustable screws in the scissors enable our customers to adjust the cutting settings according to their own liking. The golden finger rest helps with the better control and manoeuvring of the scissor during cutting and thinning of hair. Our beautiful glittery finger inserts help with better cushioning for the fingers while using the item.

Scissors Set with Thinning and Cutting Scissors

The set comes packed in a black case along with a cloth, comb, oil and hair clip. This is a complete set for you to use no matter what level of hairdressing expertise you have. The oil is supplied for the continuous maintenance of the scissors while comb and clip help you better manage your hair while cutting or thinning your hair.

Right Handed 6.0 Scissors Set from Haryali London

This package is a comprehensive solution to all your hairdressing requirements. Especially during the unfortunate troubling times that we currently face, we aim to provide you with products that you can use in the comfort of your home. Stay safe, stay home and let Haryali London take care of all your hairdressing needs.

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