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Haryali London – Why we are better at what we do!

Haryali London – Why we are better at what we do!

Haryali London is the specialist market leader in the men’s shaving and grooming products. We specialize in the luxury range of products such as shaving brushes, shaving razors, strops, soaps, hairdressing scissors and many other essential grooming accessories. Our products stand out in the market because they have been manufactured from organic and high quality products. Every product has been handmade with a delicate eye to every detail, making sure every product’s finishing is exquisite and fulfilling. We have improvised over the years, every detail of our products to ensure that the customers received an even better version every time. Our continuous hard work is evident in the 1000’s of positive reviews we receive on a range of platforms. Our loyal customer base has been our main marketing tool through word of mouth recommendations.

Haryali London brushes have a variety to offer to every type of customer. Currently, we offer our brushes in black badger hair, white badger hair, super badger hair, super silvertip badger hair, silvertip badger hair, synthetic black hair, synthetic silvertip hair and synthetic black with white tip hair. We guarantee to be one of the few specialists in the market to be currently offering a vast amount of variety of different brush hairs for their customers.

Some of the best reviews we have received for our brushes include, “It has great feel on the skin”, “Oh sheer luxury”, “This is a fantastic badger brush”, “Expensive but really good quality”, “This is a great product and something I would highly recommend” and there’s many more where these reviews came from!

Our range of razors and their handles are made with high-end products, which gives a feel of comfort and luxury in every use. We aim to provide items which are sturdy to use and long lasting to keep. Our customers have verified this top quality through their compliments such as “very pretty and solid”, “super nice razor and extremely decorative”!

Our wide range of hairdressing barbering and thinning scissors provide the ease and comfort of cutting hair in your own personal space. Our customers always receive an extraordinary cutting finish of the same standard as a professional barber cutting service. Our loyal customers vouch for the exceptional quality through their kind compliments such as, “Great product and a fantastic company! 5/5!”, “They are lovely scissors, comfortable, sharp, precise and great value for money! I would definitely recommend!” and “I am glad I spent time researching reviews before I decided on these scissors”.

We have a variety of other grooming accessories which provides our customers with a high end use every time. Whether it’s accessories to hold the shaving items such as shaving stands and toiletry bags or personal grooming products such as files and tweezers, we innovate for everyone!

Haryali London is an innovator. We take pride in our innovations and try to exceed others and our own quality every time!

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