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Double Edge Safety Razor - HARYALI LONDON
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Double Edge Safety Razor

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Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Shaving Razor

Haryali London’s statement double-edge safety razor is an emblem of strength and versatility. Designed to reflect the boldness and beauty of bold shavers, this all-rounded stainless steel safety razor is the ultimate choice to attain an impeccable shave. Engrained metal grain amplifies friction and increases the grasp at all levels. Heavy rounded blade razor head swipes smoothly across the skin and the long handle adds more weight and space for folding the fingers around the grip perfectly. The razor comes in a tailored leather case translating the purity and class of the blade razor. Designed to hold the perfection and render it, this double edge razor is the statement piece from our collection.

This elegant one-blade razor from Haryali's men's shaving razor collection is a great addition to the Safety Razor Kit. Pair this woman's safety razor with other shaving tools for an enhanced experience.

Perfect and safe for everyday use, this is a suitable face razor for women and undoubtedly one of the best razors for women. Specially crafted for all personal styling and grooming needs, it deserves to be titled the best razor for men.

Being a single-blade razor, this universal design perfectly fits the safety razor blades of all brands.

Size: Length: 4.03"

We have an extensive range of razors for men and women. To choose your best safety razor, please visit the entire collection.
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