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Haryali's Vase Range Shaving Kit

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Haryali's Vase Range Shaving Kit
Maroon Antique / Silver Tip Badger / Double Edge Safety Razor - €87,95

Haryali's Vase Range Shaving Kit 

Our Vase Series Shaving Kit represents beauty and art of shaving experience. The Vase design originated from the idea of representation. Representation of luxury Shaving Kit; Representation of shaving; Representation of grooming; An overall representation of an ultimate executive shaving and grooming experience. This design shaving kit also represents the ‘hold’, making this a series that holds the essence of Haryali London. The sleek, small and curvy design makes it a perfect fit for a gripping shave. The design is manufactured using a high-quality stainless-steel, resin and wood materials. Vase Series Shaving Kit. A Perfect Shaving Kit. 

The series is available for purchase in the following colour range: 

  • Black – Ivory – Wood – Maroon Antique – Gold Antique – Silver Antique 

This shaving series features a range of items such as: 

  • Vase Shaving Brush - Vase Shaving Razor – Vase Shaving Stand - Shaving Soap - Shaving Bowl 

The Vase Shaving Brushes are available for purchase in the following hairs: 

  • Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush - Superior grade of badger hair, which provides enormous water absorption for a rich lather. 
  • Super Badger Shaving Brush - Super Badger has luxurious dense hair with soft tips which provides luxury lather for even the most sensitive skins. 
  • Synthetic Silver Tip Shaving Brush - Vegan friendly option with synthetic fibres which replicate beautifully blended features of Silver Tip Badger and Synthetic brush. 
  • Synthetic Black Shaving Brush - The superior nylon bristles provides a quick lather with a small amount of soap. They dry faster, hence easy to maintain. 

The Vase Shaving Razors are available for purchase in the following razor-compatible options: 

  • Double Edge Razor Compatible 
  • Triple Edge Razor Compatible 
  • 5 Edge Razor Compatible  
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