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Haryali's Tandoori 5 Edge Shaving Razor Ivory Color - HARYALI LONDON
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Haryali's Tandoori 5 Edge Shaving Razor Ivory Color

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Haryali's Tandoori 5 Edge Shaving Razor Ivory Color

Haryali's Tandoori 5 Edge Shaving Razor Ivory Color

Haryali London's 5-edge Shaving Razor in elegant ivory emanates the majestic shape of the apex of a crown with its bulging center and tapering tail ending in a metal cap. This royal shape is a representation of purity, royalty, respect and honor. With our unique design, this 5-edge shaving razor is the ultimate choice for the luxury lovers and charming shavers. Adding an element of beauty to the bathroom vanities in personality and class in character during wet shaving; this is undeniably the best razor for men and women.

This pure ivory Tandoori design is from our Victoria Range Shaving Kit. Pair it with other shaving articles in the Victoria Range to complete the elegant razor kit or mix and match to create a personalized razor gift set.

Considering the sensitivity of women's skin, it is a carefully designed razor for women that is suitable for all skin and hair types. It is among the best razors for women and men who indulge in deluxe personal styling and grooming activities.

The Victoria range shaving razor is available in two colors:
Black – Ivory

We have an extensive range of shaving razors for men and women. To choose your next shaving partner, please visit the entire collection. Other designs include:
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