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Haryali's Elegant 5 Edge Shaving Razor - Steel Handle - HARYALI LONDON
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Haryali's Elegant 5 Edge Shaving Razor - Steel Handle

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Haryali's Elegant 5 Edge Shaving Razor - Steel Handle

Haryali's Elegant 5 Edge Shaving Razor - Steel Handle

Haryali London's elegant 5-edge Shaving Razor stands strong in all its pure stainless steel glory. Designed with imperial artistry and crafted with scrupulous workmanship, this hand-assembled, exclusive shaving razor for women and men is the ultimate choice for luxury shavers. Emanating the strength of steel and ruggedness of the tough shavers, this silver 5 blade razor with a plain long razor handle is just the right match for perfection and efficacy in an everyday shaving regime. Appropriately weighted handle supports the standard 5-edge head of the razor, making it easy to hold and use by everyone.

This simplistic shaving razor for men is a great addition to your shaving kit. Pair it with other shaving articles to complete the razor kit or mix and match to create a personalized razor gift set.

Considering the sensitivity of women's skin, this carefully designed razor for women is suitable for all skin and hair types. It is the best razor for men who indulge in deluxe personal styling and grooming activities.

The universal head aligns a series of 5 blades where a razor blade layers atop the other. This purposeful rendition provides an impeccably clean and close shave.

We have an extensive range of shaving razors for men and the best razors for women. To choose your next shaving partner, please visit the entire collection. Other designs include:
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