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Haryali's Antique 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Silver - HARYALI LONDON
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Haryali's Antique 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Silver

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Haryali's Antique 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Silver

Haryali's Antique 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Silver 

Haryali London’s antique shaving razor for men and women in silver is an exclusive variation in vintage-style shaving razors. Reminiscent of the ornamental values of the last century, this silver antique 3 blade razor reflects the same luxury and extravagance. Finely plated in silver metal and the grain design on the grip adds the necessary weight and texture to the shaving razor. A concave waist and convex tail make the handle user-friendly.

This is the best shaving razor for men who need a heavy and well-proportioned razor for a smooth shaving experience. It is also one of the best razors for women because it is minimally abrasive to the skin, provided it is used with care.

Pair this unique razor for women and men with other articles from our store to complete your personalized razor set.

This Antique Gold Shaving Razor for women and men is from the Vase Range Shaving Kit by Haryali London. Different colors available in the Vase Range Shaving Razor are:
Black – Ivory – Maroon Antique – Gold Antique

We have an extensive range of individual razors for men & women and complete men’s razor sets. To find your favorite one, please visit our store to view the entire collection.

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