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Haryali's 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Black Red - HARYALI LONDON
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Haryali's 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Black Red

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Haryali's 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Black Red

Haryali's 3 Edge Shaving Razor - Black Red

Haryali London’s 3 edge shaving razor for men and women in deep tones of red tinting into black is a marvel of expert craftsmanship and luxurious finish. Made with premium quality organic resin and metal, this 3 blade razor is a beautiful addition to your everyday shaving regime. The grip subtly curves in the center and thickens at the end, giving the shaving razor the necessary weight and balance. This elegant shaving razor for women and men in deep tones is a unique design in our shaving razors collection.

The standard 3 edge razor blade cartridge is easily replaceable after use. It is also one of our best razors for women because it is safe and minimally abrasive to the skin, provided it is used with care. Pair this razor with other articles from our store to complete your personalized razor set.

We have an extensive range of individual razors for men & women and complete men’s razor sets. To choose the best razor for men or women, please visit our store to view the entire collection.

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