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What is the Most Eco-Friendly Method of Shaving?

Every year, two billion razors wind up in landfills, generating tons of plastic trash and having a huge environmental impact. Plastic disposable shaving razors soon get blunt and rusty, which means that most people will be discarding one every couple of weeks. Plastic disposable razors have a short lifespan, which has a substantial detrimental impact on the environment over time. Despite this, many individuals continue to use disposable razors due to a lack of knowledge about the more environmentally friendly and sustainable razors available. You only have to go to your local pharmacy to see the vast array of plastic and colored razors on offer, which may be visually appealing but are not environmentally friendly.

There are many of more sustainable and reusable shaving instruments to pick from if you've been using plastic razors for a long time and want to start decreasing your environmental impact. Haryali London carries a large selection of high-quality, environmentally friendly Shaving Products that allow our customers to lessen their environmental impact while still getting a close shave and enjoying a luxurious grooming routine.

What is the most eco-friendly method of shaving?

Here are some of the greatest ways to shave in an environmentally responsible manner...

Make use of non-plastic tools:

First and foremost, pick a razor that is both ecologically friendly and effective for you. Traditional wet shaving instruments are perfect for helping the environment - double-edge safety razors and straight razors are two excellent choices for moving to a sustainable and plastic-free shaving routine. All of the safety razors we sell are considered zero-waste, with the razors themselves having a lengthy lifespan if properly cared for and stored over time. Only your razor blades will need to be replaced, which are very inexpensive and can be purchased locally or online. When looking for a reliable safety razor, you have a range of metal options to pick from, including stainless steel, brass, and chrome.

Spending a little more on a high-quality metal safety razor will help you reduce waste, save money in the long run, and feel confident that you are shaving in an environmentally beneficial manner.

Your blades should be recycled:

Although individual metal razor blades cannot be dumped into your recycling bin, you can securely gather your spent blades over time in a metal tin and recycle them all at once at a dedicated recycling center. It may seem insignificant, but small tweaks to your shaving regimen like this can drastically lessen your environmental impact.

Soap for shaving:

Why not use an environmentally friendly kind of shaving foam or liquid instead of a plastic bottle? We have a wide variety of shaving soaps to select from, including bars, sticks, and recyclable containers like glass or tin that you can refill rather than toss away. You can also benefit from organic shaving.

Balm for aftershave:

Your post-shave hygiene routine, like your shaving soap, can be made significantly more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Rather than buying plastic-packaged items, check out The English Shaving Company's selection of glass and tin post-shave balms and aftershaves to keep your skin nourished while reducing your carbon footprint.

Don't shave too tight to your face:

Finally, don't make yourself feel obligated to shave every day. Go for it if you desire a clean, freshly shaved appearance each morning. Those who find themselves shaving every day owing to cultural demands to look a specific way may want to consider cutting back on their shaving practice. You'll notice a difference in the state of your skin and the number of razors or razor blades you have to dispose of each month if you give your hair and skin more time to develop and relax between shaves.

Sustainable Traditional Shaving Products by Haryali London:

Haryali's Traditional Wet Shaving Kits are designed to give you with elegance and sophistication in every way. Our shaving kits include the following items:

1. Shaving Brush for Badgers

Our top-quality Badger Shaving Brush exemplifies Haryali London's beautiful style and ingenuity. Our Badger Shaving Brush, which combines the mastery of our craftsmen with the aesthetics of a pleasurable shaving experience, provides a high-quality presentation and functional appeal for aesthetic shavers. Haryali's Shaving Brushes are the highest quality hairbrushes available, and they help exfoliate the skin while creating a rich lather.

2. Traditional Wet Shaving Razors

Haryali London has a large selection of shaving razors for a smooth wet shave. Haryali London takes wet shaving to a whole new level, based on well-researched hand-made shaving razors. We never cut corners when it comes to the material and quality of our shaving products. 

The following Shaving Razors are available from us:

Two Edge/Double Edge Shaving Razor

Our diverse selection of Double Edge Razors includes razors with metal, resin, plastic, and wooden handles, as well as a variety of colour options. Plain double edge safety razors and butterfly safety razors are the two main types of double edge safety razors that we produce.

Cut Throat Shaving Razor

Straight razors and barber razors are other names for cutthroat razors. Our craftsman at Haryali London creates the handy and beautifully completed Cut Throat Razors for our clients around the UK and Europe with an aesthetic eye.

3 Edge Wet Shaving Razor

Haryali's 3-Edge Shaving Razors provide a smooth and rapid shave. These three Edge Shaving Razors were created to improve the shaving procedure and save time. Our handcrafted three-edge shaving razors come in two handle sizes and a wide range of styles and colors.

5 Edge Wet Shaving Razor

Haryali London's 5 Edge Shaving Razors come in three sizes. Our razors with 5 edges are designed to make shaving as simple as possible. The Razor grip is elegant and beautifully designed to provide a secure grasp with grace.

Shaving Razor and Shaving Brush Stands

The Shaving Brush and Razor Shaving Stand from Haryali London are finely constructed with sturdy rust-free stainless steel and Chrome Plating. We also created a diversified group of people.

Shaving Cup made of steel foam

Our Classic Shaving Mugs come in a variety of styles and are made of high-quality, long-lasting stainless steel. Shaving mugs have a sturdy handle that is easy to grip.

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